“Lisa has proved herself to be an extremely skilled Manager, supporting both staff and managers. She is able to motivate staff, plan service delivery and improve performance. Lisa has played an integral role in the overall development of the children in care service for Doncaster .....she has been a very important part of developing a management team bringing together fieldwork, adoption, fostering, residential and 16+ services. It has been a pleasure to work with Lisa, I have found her knowledge and input of great value.

Lynda Hill - Head of Service, Children in Care. DMBC

"Lisa was a strong manager who understood the competing demands on her teams as well as the legislative and procedural frameworks within which they worked. Lisa ensured that her teams met their statutory responsibilities to children and families and that the quality of practice as improved through direct supervision and guidance. Lisa was also well regarded by her head of service colleagues for the challenge and support she brought to the management team."

Mark Douglas - Chief Operating Officer. DCST

"I can report that all professionals involved held Lisa and her work in high regard. She worked professionally, concisely, collusive and above all efficiently, she had positive relationships with internal staff and external partners who all appreciated her role as the lead and driving force for this project."

Lana Shannon - Interim Service Director, Wakefield Council

Lisa carries all these tasks out with energy, skill and clarity. She writes reports very well but is also very skilled at communicating with staff and partners alike. She is clear about what she expects of staff and is well able to make professional relationships quickly and effectively.”

Sue Ross - Interim Head of Children's Social Care. Calderdale Council.